Cyber Training

The Rome Conference Center (RCC) facilitates cutting edge conferences in such areas as cyber education.
RCC's Cyber Training provides timely response, informed expertise, and consistently high quality education
for law enforcement organizations. RCC Cyber Training will feature course material and speakers who are at
the forefront of their fields as it relates to Cyber Security and Information Assurance.

Our Conference Center Training Experience

The nationally acclaimed (ACE) Advanced Course in Engineering Cyber Security
Boot Camp created by Dr. Kamal Jabbour. This 10-week program offers intensive
immersion into cyber security issues with a focus on problem solving in a
real-world environment. Participants spend time attacking and defending actual
computer networks and work at an internship while learning the latest tools in
information security and team-focused anti-hacker efforts.

High School Program
The Mohawk Valley Community College's High School Cyber Security program,
developed by Dr. Kamal Jabbour, targets high schools students.
The curriculum is a miniature version of that of the ACE program.

Cyber Operations Workshop (COW)
A two-week long Cyber Operations Workshop (COW) for mid-career DoD
officers and civilians. Topics of the COW include International Law,
Computer Forensics, Defensive and Offensive Cyber Operations, Wireless
and Mobile Security, Data Hiding /Detection, Security Policy
and includes a significant hands-on component.

Partners in Training
With many of the top Cyber Technologists located in the Rome and surrounding area RCC is in a unique position.
As a result of having this wealth of talent available, the Rome Conference Center is focused on developing
partnerships with the Air Force Research Lab, National Institute of Justice (NIJ), Assured Information Security
(AIS), Law Enforcement Analysis Facility (LEAF), Electronic Crime Task Force (ECTF), Eastern Air Defense
Sector (EADS), Griffiss Institute, Mitre Corp., PAR Technology, local businesses and educational institutions.
This relationship building has granted us access to the talented people who have become our key instructors.
RCC also recognizes that to meet the special needs of our clients we may sometimes need to obtain experts from
outside our area. We have the flexibility to contract with the organizations that have the necessary expertise.
Yes, RCC can offer these training courses with college credit.

The Rome Conference Center, LLC looks forward to providing various law enforcement agencies with cutting edge cyber training. Please contact us to learn about upcoming conferences or how to tailor a specific session to your specific needs.

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